How to Save Space and Brighten Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is the center of family activity, you already know how important both color and space can be. Updating the color scheme and adding some custom storage may be just the touch you need to transform your well-worn kitchen into a space everyone will love. Consider these kitchen trends for adding both color and storage to your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of an entire remodel.

Color Solutions

Adding new color schemes to your kitchen can breathe new life into the space, but you don’t need to stick with traditional whites or stains. Consider these options for kitchen color that is sure to liven up the room.


While it may seem odd at first, gray really deserves your attention. Soft grays are appealing to the eye and are ideal for showcasing natural wood tables and accessories. Painting your cabinets a light, soft gray softens the room without making it too dark. Gray also makes it easy to accessorize with splashes of your favorite colors.


Like gray, pastels make an excellent alternative to traditional white. Try soft blues, greens and yellows to bring your kitchen into the 21st Century. If you don’t find the color you like, try adding a tint of your favorite color to white.

Non-Traditional Colors

Don’t be afraid to try a non-traditional color for your kitchen cabinets. If you have a favorite color that makes you feel good, go ahead and use it in the kitchen. Bear in mind that bright colors can be overwhelming, and dark colors can make your kitchen feel smaller.

Painting your cabinets a light, soft gray softens the room without making it too dark and leaves plenty of room for accessorizing with splashes of your favorite colors.

Mix and Match

The days of matching cabinetry may be over. Using two or more colors for your kitchen cabinets, or pairing painted cabinets with wood grains is becoming more popular. If you want to try this kitchen design trend, pair a bright or dark color with a neutral color in a complementary hue.

Paint Cabinet Interiors

If you love bold colors, but don’t want to overdo it, try adding glass doors to cabinets and paint the interiors bold blue, yellow or even red.  The splash of bright color will make the contents of your cabinets pop.


Space is always a hot commodity in the kitchen, but you can increase your storage space by fitting custom cabinets into small spaces. Try these suggestions for increasing your storage space in the kitchen.

Pantry Style Pull-Out Cabinets

These narrow cabinets slide into the empty space between your stove and other cabinets for storing kitchen essentials. Think of one like a little like a bookshelf that slides out to give you easy access to items in the back.

Custom Coffee Station

Keeping all your coffee supplies in one place simplifies making coffee in the mornings or when entertaining. Consider an in-cabinet coffee station to keep your counter clutter free.

Narrow Cleaning Supply Cabinets

These tall, narrow closets nestle into snug spaces and give you plenty of room for storing brooms, mops, and all your cleaning supplies.

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