The Process

Getting Started

1.) Gather a scrapbook of notes, photos, and articles that you have collected.

2.) Get together with your family and gather input, and ideas to put together.

3.) Come up with a budget you can live with.

4.) Draw a rough sketch of your floorplan and take measurements. ( if working with contractor —-ask for floorplan.)

5.) If you would like, print and fill out the Kitchen Planning Guide.

6.) Call us and set up an appointment, or stop into our showroom

Visiting Our Showroom

1.) Answer any questions you may have.

2.) Review and/or assist you in establish a budget.

3.) Go over your scrapbook, and ideas.

4.) Go over you floorplan, and rough sketches if you have one.

5.) Discuss your plans for utilizing the room you will be remodeling.

If You Like What You See...

1.) We will come to you home and take field measurements.

2.) We will create a design, and draft perspectives, elevations, and a floorplan.

3.) Send you a price for the project.

4.) Set up a meeting to discuss the final decision making on design and price modifications.

Installation Process

1.) If necessary, we will make arrangements with your builder, architect, and/or designer to —-coordinate the installation.

2.) If necessary, we will remove your existing cabinetry & appliances.

3.) To ensure a quality installation, we will meet the installer at your home to discuss the —-details of your floorplan and installation.