Organize Your Laundry Room With Custom Cabinets

Few people actually love doing laundry. However, if you had a highly-organized, custom space to work in, wouldn’t it seem like less of a chore? We agree, so we have looked high and low to find the top custom cabinetry and storage ideas to make your laundry space work for you.

Combine Storage Types

Laundry rooms come in all different shapes and sizes, and some of those shapes are a little funky. When you are planning your space, it can help to get a second opinion from an expert on where you can integrate custom cabinets to maximize your limited storage area.

Combining wide and narrow shelves provides you with extra counter space that you will desperately need for your daily tasks. Shelf supports and hooks can add just the touch that you need to keep keys and other small cleaning implements easily accessible and organized.

Cut the Clutter

A well-organized space is much more likely to stay that way, and by coming up with logical places for each of your standard laundry needs, you are much more likely to enjoy long-term cleanliness. Think of all the things that need to go in a standard laundry room, such as laundry detergent, scrubbers, an iron and ironing board, bleach and more.

Sketch out your space, using custom cabinet design to determine the most effective place to store each item. Then, when you are ready to speak with a custom cabinetry professional, you will already have a good idea of what you would like to build.

Combining wide and narrow shelves in your laundry room provides you with extra counter space that you will desperately need for your daily tasks.

Get Creative

If you are starting a remodeling project, it is always good to realize that just because the previous homeowner had things structured a certain way, that doesn’t mean that you have to do the same. For instance, using a stacking washer and dryer instead of a traditional set can save you significant space, even if it does require a little rewiring.

Consider using the wall space in a different way, like placing a small cabinet in between your washer and dryer to store items like unmatched socks. Check out our remodeling tips for more great ideas.

Add Some Pizzazz

Details matter, even when you are working in a room that you love to hate, like your laundry room. Add some fresh baskets in open cabinets, consider a visual lift such as crown molding or trim on your cabinets, or mullion glass doors.

The color you choose for your cabinets can make quite a difference as well. Adding a pop of color to your custom cabinet design can make a world of difference in your feelings about this little room. Depending on the flow of your home, consider making the cabinets different colors, maybe a white or a light gray, to make the room feel lighter and more open. Alternatively, if your laundry room is only a corner, add pocket doors and hide the offending items away completely.

Custom cabinet design in your laundry room can make the difference between a room that you love to use and a room that you avoid at all costs. Give Daso Custom Cabinetry a call and get started creating your functional and beautiful laundry room today.