Make the Most of Painted Cabinets For Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is looking worn or outdated, but you aren’t ready for a complete overhaul, painting the cabinets may be the best solution. This simple makeover will transform the entire look of your kitchen. Consider these kitchen color trends that combine colors you might not associate with kitchens.

Gray and Blue

Try combining pale, smoky gray with medium to light muted blues to make a small kitchen look larger.  Consider painting the walls too to create an open, airy feel. Dark shades can be used as accents, but don’t overdo it. This works especially well in large, open kitchens with lots of natural light.

Black and White

This color combo creates clean lines in the kitchen. If you have white walls and don’t want to paint the entire kitchen, consider painting the cabinets black for a bold new kitchen. For added effect, remove the cabinet doors and add decorative molding to frame them. Paint both the inside and outside of the cabinets black and display your cookware with style. Accessorize with framed black-and-white photos, framed newspaper clippings, or other black and white artwork.

Warm Yellow or Beige

To give your kitchen a warm, cozy feel, paint the cabinets and tables in warm colors such as daffodil, banana or beige. Darker options include Tuscan sun, dandelion or butterscotch. These hues work well with white walls, but you can pair them with other neutral colors such as light gray or taupe as well.

Mix & Match - Throw caution to the window and mix and match your cabinets in colors that appeal to you.

Red and Green

You don’t want holiday colors for your kitchen refresh, but barn red and sage green make an impressive combination when paired with natural wood on tabletops and woodwork. Add touches of warm colors in your wall décor to add cheer to the room.

Green and White

If you enjoy natural colors, try white walls with green cabinets. This creates a light atmosphere that is the perfect backdrop for pots of fresh herbs or prints of plants and flowers. Try leaf green if you are only painting a custom cabinet, or go with sage or basil if you intend to paint an entire wall of cabinets.

Mix and Match

Throw caution to the wind and mix and match your cabinets in colors that appeal to you. Set them off with complementary décor. As a rule, to make colors pop, match them with their opposing color on the color wheel. Basic contrasting colors include shades of red with green, blue with orange and yellow with purple. Alternately, choosing several shades of one color can make an impressive statement in your kitchen.

While you are in the mood to update your kitchen, don’t overlook tucking custom cabinets into unused areas to increase your storage space. We can help you choose the cabinets that are right for you. If you need assistance with updating your kitchen, contact us today, and set up an appointment for a consultation.