How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

Life without a kitchen during a kitchen remodel can be a bit crazy, and going out to eat every night can get very expensive. But if you plan ahead and use some creativity, you can set up a temporary kitchen somewhere else and prepare some awesome meals. Here are some tips for setting up a temporary kitchen and surviving without your real kitchen during a remodel!

The Makeshift Kitchen

Ideally, the temporary kitchen will be in a room that is near your kitchen and has a sink. Ask the contractor to move some of your old kitchen cabinets to the temporary kitchen so you’ll have some good storage space. You can set up countertops with some old plywood on surfaces in the makeshift kitchen. Move your frequently used items into well-labeled clear plastic containers so you’ll know exactly where everything is. A large utility sink will work well for washing dishes, or you can make a dish washing sink with a large cooler by filling it up with warm, soapy water. If space is an issue, the garage is a great place to store the refrigerator and freezer.

Cooking Tips

A good strategy is to cook some meals ahead and freeze them. You can easily heat them up in the microwave during the remodel. The toaster oven and the slow cooker are also good tools to use during your kitchen remodel. If your remodel is happening during the warmer months, you can cook-out a couple of meals on the grill too. Another fun idea is to offer to cook a meal to share with a friend in exchange for use of their kitchen.

When remodeling your kitchen, a good strategy is to cook some meals ahead and freeze them.

Dining and Other Tips

Card tables or other small tables can function as the kitchen table during the remodel. But picnicking in the living room or basement can be another fun option! Clip coupons for restaurants or carry-out to save money on any nights you cannot cook.

The key to surviving without your kitchen during the remodel is to plan ahead and make sure that everyone knows what the plan for the kitchen will be. Set up specific places for dirty dishes and organize the temporary kitchen so that you know exactly where everything is. Adapting to the makeshift kitchen can be a little bit stressful, so be sure to make time to relax and unwind. Remember that the kitchen of your dreams is almost within reach!

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